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I see you,
dancing in the salty breeze and
along the jut of the horizon.

I feel you,
in the smooth sand beneath my feet and on the firm rocks along the shore.

I hear you,
in the call of the seagulls and in the gentle lap of the waves.

I miss you,
deep within my heart and as the memories of you float through my mind, while I walk along this coastal shore.


My Weary Soul

Here I lie in the dark, exhausted, yet sleep escapes me.
A myriad of conversations and thoughts flash in my mind.
Uneasy, as a tigress pacing in her cage.
Unbridled energy, with no escape.
A thought constantly ticking in the back of my mind…
Make it stop!

The worry, the ache, like thousands of electric splinters,
that fill the air and suffocate me.
The demand wells up from within again,
you must strive, meet, overcome.
Prove to everyone you are as idyllic as everyone perceives you to be…
Or, so you think.

Branded for life by the word “overachiever”,
But striver of what?
A solution to quench the ache of a thousand past lives?
Something to dull the inner roar?
Or perhaps, a small, quiet corner where no light dares to go…
Where the real you is unafraid.

A true utopia, or at least a resemblance of one.
Some beautiful meadow of soft, sweet grass,
A place of peace with nothing to achieve.
The time when the noise stops so that I may rest my weary head,
And soul.

My Soul Wants…

My soul wants…

To feel the warm breezes and to dance in the rain. It wants to skip and jump and twirl! To soar high through bright blue skies as it dips and glides.

To sense the salt in the crisp night air and to touch the cool sand below. To be lulled by the lapping waves under a pale moon light and to feel deep peace.

My soul wants…

To dance to the rhythm of tribal drums. To soak in the heat of a bonfire while watching the flames dance and glow.

To embrace new opportunities and to expand its horizons. To cultivate knowledge, as well as compassion. It wants to feel the companionship of kindred spirits and a true sense of affinity.

My soul wants…

To hold my children close and to wrap them in love. A devotion so strong that it will be felt throughout their lives and long after mine ends.

To drink in the earth’s vitality and rejoice! To flow through the forest feeling the strength of lush greens, the beauty of brilliant colors and magic in the life all around.

My soul longs…

To find what is missing, what it yearns for most. That other soul who it has yet to encounter, at least not in this lifetime, but it knows must exist. That very soul who radiates the same energy and flow as its own…the perfect mate.

Beautiful Betty


A woman like no other,
Short in stature, but large in personality.
Devote Catholic, beatific in her own way.
Plentiful with humor, and in laughter.
Strong and determined at her end of days.

Remembrance of times gone by,
Southern Bell accents, snips of forbidden plants.
Shrimp in purses, metal detector hunts,
Summer days, lottery tickets and crazy gallivants.
Red lipstick, makeup expertly applied.

A grandmother who didn’t have to be.
She of fiery temper and determined ways.
Unconditional love like no other.
My grandmother…blessings to thee.

What Everyone Sees

Everyone sees a confident, driven woman.
What they don’t see is the fear and doubt that lurk inside.

Everyone sees a woman quick to smile and joke.
What they don’t see are the tears and sorrows that threaten to consume her at times.

Everyone sees a kind, compassionate woman.
What they don’t see is the woman who so desperately wants to save because there were others in her life that she could not.

Everyone sees a woman with unending patience and strength.
What they don’t see are the times when she just wants to give up and buckle under the weight.

What everyone sees is what they want to see.
But do they see me?

The Time

The ticking of the clock reminds me,
That the time is drawing near.
The hour has arrived,
And I must go and face my fears.
I swallow down the what-ifs,
Along with the could have beens.

Stand tall and proud,
Though, inside I feel quite small.
Is it possible, that I can take back all,
Start fresh, anew, with life’s golden glow?
I’m afraid not, as it is time to go.

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