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You never know what might happen in our kitchen!

Pizza Anyone?!

I am excited to share my latest and greatest find with all of you. A couple of weeks ago I was on a mission to find a heart shaped pan in order to make my girls a Valentine’s day gift. After searching for a bit, I found two really fun pizza pans online. They are made by American Metalcraft and one is shaped like a football and the other is shaped like a heart. Yes, I was looking for a heart, but I just couldn’t help but purchased the football shaped one when I saw it. Especially, when it cost less than $13 and will be perfect for making cookies and pizzas during football season!

I had seen several cookie pans online, but I wanted something a little bit deeper than the standard pan. Then I found these beauties! I got this pan from and while I was on the site looking under pizza pans I found just the pan I was looking

My daughters LOVED the cookie I made for them and had a great time making fresh dough pizzas in it. I wish I had found this pan years ago. It’s life’s simple pleasures that mean the most!


A KitchenAid Tale

I have looked upon the KitchenAid stand mixers with great desire for a few years now, but could never bring myself to purchase one as I tend not to spend on myself. So needless to say, I was absolutely ecstatic on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my very own KitchenAid mixer!

A few weeks later I decided that I would try it out while baking. I was able to get all the ingredients into the bowl and I was ready to go, or so I thought. I then discovered that the mixer had the whisk attachment on and I needed to attach something more suitable for mixing cookie dough. I felt around on one side of the mixer while thinking that there had to be a lever to detach the whisk. I found the lever that unlocks the head, but nothing else on that side.

I then felt around on the other side of the mixer, all the while having my opposite hand resting lightly on the whisk, and found another lever. I pushed it forward to find, in horror, that I had turned on the mixer and had snapped off one of my fingernails! I quickly shut off the mixer and examined my throbbing finger thanking the Powers That Be that I had broken just a nail and not my finger.

The moral of the story is this; READ your instruction manual to familiarize yourself with your KitchenAid before giving it a whirl…the finger you save might be your own!

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