A KitchenAid Tale

I have looked upon the KitchenAid stand mixers with great desire for a few years now, but could never bring myself to purchase one as I tend not to spend on myself. So needless to say, I was absolutely ecstatic on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my very own KitchenAid mixer!

A few weeks later I decided that I would try it out while baking. I was able to get all the ingredients into the bowl and I was ready to go, or so I thought. I then discovered that the mixer had the whisk attachment on and I needed to attach something more suitable for mixing cookie dough. I felt around on one side of the mixer while thinking that there had to be a lever to detach the whisk. I found the lever that unlocks the head, but nothing else on that side.

I then felt around on the other side of the mixer, all the while having my opposite hand resting lightly on the whisk, and found another lever. I pushed it forward to find, in horror, that I had turned on the mixer and had snapped off one of my fingernails! I quickly shut off the mixer and examined my throbbing finger thanking the Powers That Be that I had broken just a nail and not my finger.

The moral of the story is this; READ your instruction manual to familiarize yourself with your KitchenAid before giving it a whirl…the finger you save might be your own!


About BusyMaineMom

I am a wife and mother of two living in the great state of Maine. I have a very active lifestyle and am always on the go, whether it is on the run with one of my daughter's activities, working, camping, or hiking the trails. My life is always in motion. So, this blog gives me some time to sit and reflect on myself and the world. I work with people who are visually impaired or blind and they have opened my eyes to more than they will ever know. I love assisting them in regaining their independence while listening to their stories, validating their fears and giving them hope for the future.

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