My Fascial Experience

I am currently undergoing physical therapy for a rotor cuff injury and I had the most amazing thing happen to me while at my last appointment. The PT was working deep into my shoulder attempting to break up the fascia in that area when I suddenly went from happy and content, as I was when arriving for the appointment, to feeling a deep sadness while tears flowed down my cheeks. I also found myself telling the PT about all sorts of deeply personal things, things about my life that filled me with sadness or regret. It was as if a flood gate was opened and I was completely shocked and dismayed to find myself telling this almost complete stranger about my life. I began to apologize for my behavior when she explained fascia to me and reassured me that I was certainly not the first person who had reacted in this manner while have work done on fascia. Here is what she taught me…

Fascia is a plastic like material that surrounds your muscles. My PT explained that fascia is the white elastic type of material that you see on chicken breasts. She went on to explain that fascia is all through your body and almost makes a sort of chalk outline of your body if every other part were removed. She went on to explain that all past traumas are stored in the fascia. These traumas literally deform the natural form of the fascia and hold you into the damaged position. When the fascia is ‘thinned’ or ‘broken up’ through body work, the memories of those traumatic events surface and are brought to light.

I was aware that my body holds stress in the shoulder region as I am one, like many, who feels my shoulders tense up when under stress. I even do shoulder rolls and breathing exercises to loosen my shoulders when I find that I am tensing them. But I was completely unaware that fascia held traumatic memories and that my shoulders not only house my tension, but a lot of my grief. When my PT released the fascia in that shoulder it opened the flood gates to sadness and regret that I wasn’t aware that I was holding within.

Upon leaving the appointment, I mentally released the grief and regret and told my body that I no longer needed to hold into it. I also thanked the Universe for allowing me to experience such a phenomenon and then sat in meditation, as a sort of recalibration of the spirit and body.

As I reflect upon the experience, I am ever in amazement at how we truly are systemic beings. How everything we do and experience is tied to our body, mind and spirit, along with being tied to the Universe and every other life force within it. We are truly blessed to be part of such an incredible journey!

So, the next time you have body work done, be attentive to the signals you receive and if you start to feel great sadness, remember that your fascia holds your emotional and physical traumas. It may be time to examine them and release them completely from your body. I wish you much healing light and love to carry with you on that quest…


About BusyMaineMom

I am a wife and mother of two living in the great state of Maine. I have a very active lifestyle and am always on the go, whether it is on the run with one of my daughter's activities, working, camping, or hiking the trails. My life is always in motion. So, this blog gives me some time to sit and reflect on myself and the world. I work with people who are visually impaired or blind and they have opened my eyes to more than they will ever know. I love assisting them in regaining their independence while listening to their stories, validating their fears and giving them hope for the future.

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  1. I read with great interest your “story” here… I had no knowledge about fascia at all. I think body, mind and spirit are all interconnected by the light of energy. Sometimes we feel the light in very strong ways and we need to release, even when it doesn’t seem very appropriate. I love the way you said: “… and then sat in meditation, as a sort of recalibration of the spirit and body”. Indeed, you did the right thing.

    May you be well in All.


    • Thank you for your thoughtful words. I, too, believe that we are interconnected as that has been shown through the work of Polarity, Reiki and the like. I went into PT with that knowledge and was still in awe of what happened when my fascia was manipulated. I try to follow my intuition and meditation felt right.

      I sometimes use breathing exercises when I’m stressed ad not able to meditate. I envision the release of negative energy and stressors on the out breath and drawing in positive energy and peace on the intake of breath. I always feel better afterward.

      Take care!


      • Absolutely, and I try to do the same: breathing exercises/meditation… I’ve recently enjoyed learning about Colour Intuition and Angels Meditations.
        Keep up the good work!


  2. Colour Intuition sounds interesting. I’ll have to explore it more! I’ve heard of Angels Meditation, but have not yet done it. At present, I am having fun expanding my knowledge of WordPress. What a great medium to express thoughts and converse with people!


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